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We , RESOURCES FOR WATER AND ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY ESTABLISHMENT , Specializing in Water treatment systems . Business was established in 2001 with a mission to offer regional business water treatment solutions for drinking and sewage systems. We represent a number of leading international companies and provide our clients with a range of water treatment systems including industrial and governmental projects, agricultural systems, and Supply Chain variable water systems for factories , commercial offices, and domestic houses etc. . Our team of strong and competent business consultants and application field processes are experienced in design, installation, and commissioning completely required high efficient systems in agreement with international standards the offered solutions according to customer requirements.

Business managements:

1. General Manager, bachelor grade in managing with more than 15 years experience.
2. Accounting employment, bachelor qualified person.
3. Sales Follower,
4. Technical manager, chemically engineer with more than 15 years experience.

Technical & Field section:
1. Electromechanical Engineer, bachelor grade with more than 10 years experience in design.
2. Mechanical Engineer, bachelor a grade with more than 12 years experience in installation, commissioning systems.
3. Medical Tools Engineer, bachelor grade for medically water treatment applications.
4. High skilled technicians' ( Electrical technician with suitable knowledge in water treatment , water treatment systems technicians )

We represent the following corporations with all range:

1. Aqua purification systems inc. (,(
2. Clack Corporation . (
3. Pacific Ozone corporation (

We are Considered an excellent immediate supplier for the following products:

1. Reverse Osmosis Membranes (Toray and/or Hydranautics range)
2. Water Filters, Softeners, Cartridges, filtration medias, Ion exchange resin, etc.
3. Water treatment chemicals, Antiscalant, instrumentations for water test, etc.
4. Domestic RO systems, with all accessories .
5. Sterilizing Systems (UV , Ozonation Systems , Chlorinators)
6. Water systems accessories , solenoid valves, actuator valves, fittings, PVC ,etc.

Samples of our manufactured systems & Projects :

1. Water Treatment Plant (RO with pretreatment) For Drinking Purposes with capacity 160,000.0 GPD in Al'Omary Border (Governmental Project). 2003
2. Water Treatment Plant For Drinking Purposes with capacity 320,000.0 GPD in Al-karak (ALLajon)
(Governmental Project). 2006
3. Water Treatment Plant For Drinking Purposes with capacity 630,000.0 GPD in Al -Zarqa (Znaiah)
(Governmental Project). 2007
4. Rehabilitation for many governmental Plants (RO with pretreatment) with capacities up to 700,000.0 GPD .
5. Many Bottling System Plants in Jordan with capacities (50,000.00 GPD , 100,000.00 GPD , 150,000 GPD ).
6. Many Bottling System Plants in Iraq ,Saudi Arabia with capacities (300,000.00 GPD , etc.)
7. Many agricultural water treatment RO systems with pretreatment plants with capacities up to (500.000 GPD) .
8. Many hemodialysis water treatment plants for governmental hospitals , Jordan university hospital ..etc.
9. Very high brackish water RO plant for Baghdad Airport .
10. Sewage treatment plants (STP) related to Jordan armed forces with capacities up to 100,000.00 GPD .

11. Sewage treatment plants as packaged systems with capacity up to 150,000.00 GPD related to Syrian camp

As for example :

a) Temporary Jordan armed forces administration cite in Al-mowaqqar .
b) King Talal school which belong to armed forces in Zarqa city.
c) The Command and stuff college in Madaba city

Many Water treatment plants with different capacities etc.

Contact Information's :

Resources For Water And Environment Technology
Khalda Wasf i Altal Str.- P.O.Box 230395 Amman 11123 Jordan
Tel :962-6-5525213 Telfax: 962-6-5525298
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it